Sunday, 22 June 2008


One of the scans I had posted on the first day of this blog ( May 27th) was the image of the music sheet of the short cartoon Three Little Pigs (1933). Above scan is of the 1936 French edition of the same sheet, which is notable for crediting Robert Valerie and Jean Valmy for the French-language version of the title song. The below image appears to be the Belgium edition of the same sheet.
And the below image is from the cover of a 1955 French 'disc' (I believe a record single) featuring the Big Bad Wolf:

The figures in silhoutte chasing the Wolf appear to be Goofy and Br'er Bear. I am especially fond of this illustration as it tends to present the Wolf's nemesises in a more disfavorable light and invite more empathy with the wolf than with them.

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