Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Gil Turner was the most durable artist responsible for the 'Li'l Bad Wolf' comics series in the main US Disney comics magazine Walt Disney's Comics & Stories. For a period of ten years (1947-57), he drew around one hundred comics featuring the Big Bad Wolf. The above scan is of the first panel depicting the Big Bad Wolf in his first take on the series, published in no. 85 of WDC&S.
Over the course of the years, his art would evolve and the wolf's features become relatively more sedate (as will be seen in future posts in this blog), but here the Big Bad Wolf is depicted in a markedly 'toothy' manner in this initial take, as seen in the below sample:
This is an interesting story (writter unknown) where Big Bad Wolf compels his well-meaning son to join him in robbing an eagle's nest, an attempt visualized by Turner with a dynamic panel format:
While the story seems to end in the banal twist of 'it was all a nightmare of Li'l Bad Wolf', there is a further and genuinely unexpected second twist in the very last panel where it is revealed that...
... the Big Bad Wolf had also seen the same nightmare!

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