Saturday, 6 September 2008


In a below post in late August, I had noted that artist Gil Turner had introduced well-known Disney characters as guest stars into a succession of 'Li'l Bad Wolf' stories in 1950. In this post, I will cover Big Bad Wolf's encounter with Disney comics' arguably most celebrated star, Donald Duck in Walt Disney's Comics & Stories no. 115 (dated April 1950).
The plot of the story involves Donald Duck taking up an offer of the pigs to swap their country house with his city house for one month. Consequently, Big Bad Wolf unintentionaly kidnaps Donald.

Turner's take on Donald Duck seems inspired by the hot-tempered Donald of cartoons and of newspaper gag strips. Big Bad Wolf's initial reaction to meeting such a personality is very interesting. When faced with someone he is unfamiliar with and especially someone who stands up to him, he initially backs off, which is perhaps somehow typical of (the popular conceptions regarding) the humble attitude of 'the country folks' towards 'the city people'. The realization that he could prey on him as well comes only gradually.
The wolf then enlists yet another one of his disguise tricks to re-capture Donald, unaware that his son had already tipped the duck of his plans..

Note that the very last panel is reminiscent of the finale of the cartoon short Three Little Pigs (1933).
In the coming days, I will post more on Gil Turner's works, so stay tuned on...

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