Monday, 8 March 2010


In most covers, the Big Bad Wolf is shown either being outsmarted by the pigs or his son or in cunning poses. This one of the very few covers in which he is shown in a dignified manner. Not only is his pose defiant, but in a very cool way. The amazed looks on the faces of the Li'l Wolf ad the Br'er Bear is also priceless. The bear is exposed as the bully he is while the Li'l Wolf is reduced to a spectatorship role.
It is the cover of no. 173 (dated Jan. 29th, 1954) of Belgium's French-language Mickey Magazine -which I have framed in my living room. The art is attributed to Ténas (Louis Santel), who also acted as the editor of the magazine.
The Big Bad Wolf appeared in about a dozen more covers of Mickey Magazine throughout the 1950s, which will collectively be the subject of the next post in this blog.


Francoisw said...

Thank you for pointing out this interesting cover. The Belgian magazine's covers are indeed really spectacular sometimes. Waiting forward to see more.

Anonymous said...


I have a bound collection of Belgian Mikey's from 1950 - 1951 which I assume are drawn by Tenas.

I don't personally collect comics, and I would like to hook up with people who are interested in this particular artist, publication, etc.

My email is haycox m at g mail . com

It seems like you are pretty knowledgeable in this field and I would appreciate any information or advice you might be willing to share with me.

Best regards,