Monday, 19 April 2010


Earlier in this blog (on March 8th), I had posted the scan of my all-time favorite Big Bad Wolf cover, which was from Belgium's French-language Mickey Magazine and promised to post the scans of other BBW covers from the same magazine. Above is the first BBW cover of MM, no. 51 from 1951. The art is by an unknown artist who seems to have drawn only a few covers in 1951, at least i this rather unusual painting style. Below are the remaining BBW covers of MM: no.'s 186, 194, 198, 209, 211, 226, 230, 249, 295, 401 and 412. The artist of the first three covers below is known to be Tenas. It seems BBW was most popular in 1954 as six of the total of 13 BBW covers from MM's run in the 1950s is from that year. Most of the illustrations are derived from situations depicted in comics.

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Francoisw said...

Thanks for this post.

Pierre Nicolas told me that Ténas (Louis Santel) did "everything" in Mickey Magazine. And that he used to draw his Mickey Magazine covers in the train from Paris to Brussels.

However the fact that Santel did the magazine from A to Z is probably an exageration, as some other people were involved, for instance A.-P. Duchateau who wrote the first series in issues 1-34 and Raoul Livain. It is still possible however that Santel did do most of the magazine (including its cover) after 1952 (when Nicolas knew him), whereas Duchateau and Livain were there in the early period.
This is something I plan to ask to Duchateau.