Sunday, 27 June 2010


This obscure Big Bad Wolf pocket watch (reportedly in semi-working condition) was recently sold on ebay for 300 US dlrs. The seller promoted it as being from 1934 and by Ingersoll, the clock company which had acquired a Disney license in 1933 and flooded the US market with watches with illustrations of major Disney characters. When questioned about the source of this date attribution, the seller said the estimate was provided by an antique watch expert.
While it is known that Ingersoll did produce an array of Big Bad Wolf & Three Little Pigs watches in 1933-34, this particular item with a solo image of the wolf is not listed in any sources. Based on the style of the illustration, it seems to me that it would more probably date from 1936 or onwards. I even doubt that it's an Ingersoll watch.

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