Friday, 29 October 2010


Recently, I've began reading the earliest 'Li'l Wolf' comics in Walt Disney's Comics & Stories in chronological order. I was surprised to see the Big Bad Wolf in spectacles in one occasion, while reading a newspaper, in the first installement (no. 52, dated Jan. 1945). I am not sure if he was ever again portrayed wearing eyeglasses.
In any case, this story sets the pattern of the relation between the Big Bad Wolf and his son as the father urges him to be a 'bad wolf' just like himself rather than the benevolent kid the Li'l Wolf is. For this end, in this first story, he forces him to catch small forest animals for food. The ending is however somewhat unsatisfactory as the Big Bad Wolf himself is caught in a trap set up by Li'l Wolf and his forest friends and is oblidged to promise not to force his son to become a bad wolf. The three little pigs are nowhere to be seen in neither this story nor the next one in no. 53.
The first 13 'Li'l Wolf' comics in WDC&S were by Carl Buettner.

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