Saturday, 14 May 2011


Above image is of the cover of no. 1 of Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories, an 'underground' satire comics magazine. The title, as well the logo design, is obviously reminiscent of Walt Disney's Comics & Stories. The "January 1948" date printed on the cover is spurious: the comics was actually published circa 1971. Dan O'Neill (1942- ) is an American underground comics artist who led a small group of like-minded artists who put out a comics magazine titled Air Pirates featuring Mickey Mouse and some other Disney comics characters in 1971. They were immediately sued by the Disney Company which won the case in a prolonged trial and appeals, but a successful protest campaign by O'Neill and his compatriots ("Mouse Liberation Front"!) led to an eventual settlement in 1980. I am not clear if Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories was also invoked in the lawsuit; if anyone knows any better, please let us know.
There were three issues of the "Vol. 1" of Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories. The cover of no. 2 featured the Practical Pig being machine-gunned by Bucky Bug.

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