Thursday, 9 October 2008


In earlier posts from previous weeks, I had noted that artist Gil Turner had introduced well-known Disney characters as guest stars into a succession of 'Li'l Bad Wolf' stories in 1950. The first of such encounters had come in Walt Disney's Comics & Stories no. 112 (dated Jan. 1950). In this Christmas story, Li'l Bad Wolf had requested Santa Claus to bring him a puppy as a present:
Big Bad Wolf's attitude in the above panel is a very good depiction of his dismissiveness towards what he apparently deems as loftiness. And yet, fate plays a trick on him as a stray Pluto, chasing a cat, falls down the chimney:

The Big BadWolf is understandably upset with this turn of events:
However, he eventually realizes this is the lost dog of Mickey Mouse who had set up a reward for him:
Nevertheless, as always, the cunning Practical Pig is determined to spoil it all for the Big Bad Wolf in the end...
I am uneasy with these kind of stories where Big Bad Wolf seeks monetary gains which seem to me to to be not very compatible with his overall persona. However, the story is very memorable for Turner's rendering of Mickey Mouse is excellent, on par with the best Mickey artists in my opinion.

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