Thursday, 30 October 2008


While it is true that I had myself slowed down my rate of making new posts on this blog since August (that is since I began to devote some of my spare time to indexing my Disney comics collection), the fact that no new posts at all were made in the past 10 days has got nothing to do with me... For the past week, all blogspot/blogger access to Turkey was halted due to a Turkish court order! The case was apparently instigated by a Turkish tv channel (Digitürk) who had license to broadcast some soccer matches and was dismayed by video streamlining of the games in question at some blogs. Hence, for some reason unfathomable by neither me nor countless Turkish bloggers, all blogspot/blogger access was ordered shut down in a draconian manner...
Anyway, the ban is suspended as of now, so I am back. Of course, there is always the option of using proxys, but they are slower and of questionable safety and I hope I won't have to resort to that backdoor in the future.

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