Sunday, 1 May 2011


The no. 709 (dated Dec. 12th, 1953) of Britain's Mickey Mouse Weekly featured an interesting Three Pigs vs Big Bad Wolf illustrated story titled 'The House That Wasn't There'. Inspired by the classic tale 'The Emperor's New Clothes', Practical Pig spreads the word that he has built a very strong house. Even though no such house has been built, he instructs his brothers to act as if there was such a house. However, the Big Bad Wolf has also read the tale and rushes onto the scene, aware that there is no house on the spot. Unfortunately for him, the cunning Practical Pig has dug up a hidden trench:
I find this story interesting because it implies the wolf to be a cultured creature; the Practical Pig can outwit him because he takes it for granted that the wolf would be familiar with the tale.


ramapith said...

I think many of your comments are presently coming from spambots (like the one above) and ought to be deleted!
But I'm still here and still enjoying your Big Bad Wolf discoveries. Though—have you considered publishing scans of the *entire* Mickey Mouse Weekly text stories, not just the illustrations? I love these text stories (...and their equivalents in Mickey Mouse Magazine), and am disappointed I haven't had more access to them in recent years—just to read.

Kaya Özkaracalar said...

Glad you enjoy the blog.
OK, from now on, I'll scan the illustrated text stories in total.