Sunday, 27 July 2008


The above images are from a series of postal cards depicting scenes from the cartoon short Big Bad Wolf (1934). They were issued by a Paris-based publisher who also issued other series of cards based on other Disney cartoons. Below is the image of the reverse side of the cards:

There are no copyright dates on the cards and the ebay seller offering them says they are from "circa 1950", but I've seen used cards from the same line of products which have been inscribed as early as 1941, so these might also be from early 1940s. The no. 10 above depicting Big Bad Wolf and the Practical Pig was sold at an ebay auction for 56.5 US dlrs while the other was sold for 13 dlrs.

Below image is of a French postal card (recently sold for 11.5 US dlrs at an ebay auction) issued by the Tobler chocolate company in the 1950s as part of its long-running series of cards featuring Disney characters.

Various online sources for collectors say that these cards were give-aways with chocolate packages. However, the notice on the reverse side of this card indicates the campaign involved a more intricate enterprise: "Buy the delicious Tobler chocolates and ask your supplier for a free album which will enable you to do yourself a film with true drawings of Walt Disney contained in the shelves and to receive a Tobler surprise-gift." If anyone knows what exactly this means, please let us know..

And below is a postcard from Belgium:

The artwork for the wolf is quite lousy compared to that of the pigs, but this is nevertheless tangentially interesting for featuring the Practical Pig in a dancing pose, which is somewhat out of line with his character. The reverse side of the card carries a permission notice from "Walt Disney Ltd". The ebay seller offering this item estimates its date as "circa 1945" 'though it's not clear on what this estimate is based on.

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