Monday, 28 July 2008


I find the artwork in this obscure vintage card very interesting. The figure of the wolf is not very well drawn in the sense of being sub-standart of the Big Bad Wolf figure we are used to, but the overall design of the picture with its semi-abstract rendering of the background involving the window and the door is striking -and stricktly beyond the customary realist Disney style.
It is being offered by an ebay seller who can neither really identify nor date it. The seller refers to it as a "swap or play card" and says it carries no copyright notice and hence no date; the fine print at the bottom of the picture is said to refer to the cartoon short Three Little Pigs. The figure of the Big Bad Wolf itself is somewhat similar to those on some merchandise from 1933-34 capitalizing Three Little Pigs (1933); I myself haven't seen this kind of Big Bad Wolf figure on any product dated later than 1934.

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