Thursday, 3 July 2008


While the British 'Mickey Mouse Annuals' published by Odham Press from 1931 onwards are relatively easy to find today, this Silly Symphony Annual published by the London & Glasgow-based Collins Clear Type Press is a rare item. Note that the cover art includes a barely visible illustration of the Big Bad Wolf at the upper-center section. Below scan is from the spread illustration at the reverse sides of the front and back covers (the full image couldn't fit my scanner completely):

The image of the Big Bad Wolf in this introductory page is based on the cover art of the Big Bad Wolf illustrated story book from 1934:

Below are scans of other pages featuring the Big Bad Wolf:

The above image is based on a scene from the short cartoon Three Little Wolves (1936).
I should add that my copy of this scarce book is unfortunately missing a few pages, so there might be some more Big Bad Wolf related material in an intact copy.
With this post, I round up my coverage of pre-war publications featuring the original Big Bad Wolf. In the coming days, I will start a series of posts on post-war Big Bad Wolf, as re-defined in comics as the father of Li'l Bad Wolf.

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